About Margie

Margie brings people together to get good things done for our community!

In the 1990’s when racist skinheads and the KKK tried to establish a foothold in Billings, Margie brought together, churches, law enforcement, unions and businesses, Democrats, Republicans and people from all across the city to say “Not In Our Town.” She led efforts to organize a citywide petition drive and rally. When vandals attacked Jewish homes with beer bottles and cinder-block thrown through plate glass windows decorated for Hanukkah, it was her idea to put Menorahs up in non-Jewish homes to show that people in Billings would not stand by and watch their neighbors be attacked because of their religious beliefs.

When Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast and energy prices skyrocketed, Margie (as director of Montana’s Office of Community Service) organized the Warm Hearts for Warm Homes program. She mobilized government, volunteers, carpenters, and businesses to reach out to people with low cost, effective energy weatherization installations to help cut back on rising heating bills with winter coming.

1160572339_oMargie was able to bring Montana Conservation Corps and AmeriCorps volunteer crews to help people whose homes were on the Low Income Energy Assistance waiting list, but who were too far down the list to receive attention before winter. She also worked with churches, unions, and community volunteers to reach out to additional homes in need of assistance.

Margie and her husband John Smillie are parents of two grown children, Siri and Charlie, both graduates of Montana schools who have meaningful, good work in Montana. She is a native of Glendive. She was Executive Director of the Montana Association of Churches (15 years) and Governor Schweitzer’s Office of Community Service (1-1/2 years), a cabinet level position. She currently works for a multi-state conservation organization on clean energy, homegrown prosperity, and family farm issues, including rekindling local food production, processing, distribution, and marketing.

Back Home in Billings!

We are citizen lawmakers in Montana which means that I am home in Billings, for the most part, except for periodic interim committee meetings in Helena. You can call me at 652-6625 and leave a message. I like to hear how laws that we pass make a difference or impact you. I also like to hear your ideas on how to make our communities stronger and better. I will be attending community meetings and events to keep my ear to the ground for the needs of our neighborhoods and city. Please come up and say "Hello" when you see me around town.


Bringing people together to get good things done for our neighborhoods and families: