Providing Quality, Affordable Healthcare to all Montanans

I understand that health care costs are crushing Montana families and businesses. I supported the “Healthy Montana Kids” Initiative 155 which brings access to health care coverage to 30,000 Montana children who do not have it.

Investing in Good Teachers and Classrooms

I believe that good schools and good teachers lead to good, high paying jobs. In particular, I’ll champion affordable job training programs at our College of Technology. After years of shifting the cost of higher education onto students and their families—making it unaffordable for many—it is time to turn that around so all Montana kids can have access and opportunities for higher education.

Jobs and Energy

I know that the big oil companies are making enormous profits while high gas prices are busting our budgets. I believe we can build our own homegrown energy economy making affordable, renewable energy using Montana’s own sun, wind, and geothermal power for heat and electricity. We can invest in construction jobs weatherizing low income housing and building new energy star offices and homes. I am a leading champion of biodiesel that we can grow and process here in Montana. That helps our rural communities, creates new manufacturing jobs, and keeps our energy dollars circulating here, instead of exporting them to the Persian Gulf.

Protecting Hunting, Fishing Lands

I will continue to fight to protect Montana’s outdoor heritage and our access to public lands for hunting, fishing, and recreation. I’ll work together with landowners and sportsmen to boost successful programs such as Block Management, and I’ll oppose putting Montana’s public lands up for sale or charging fees to access our public lands and forests.

Fair Taxes for All Montanans

I know that during the 1990’s and early part of this decade, when Republicans ran Montana, they shifted the tax burdens from the largest and wealthiest businesses to homeowners and small businesses. I will work for a return to fair taxes for all Montanans.

At your door!

I am enjoying visiting with you as I go door to door through the neighborhoods of House District 54. People want their leaders to work to develop good-paying jobs with benefits across the state. They want us to be fiscally responsible by living within our means and setting money aside for the future. They want us to make Montana a leader in America’s clean and renewable energy future. They want us to ensure a quality and accountable system of education at all levels that protects homeowners and small businesses from increases in burdensome property taxes.


Bringing people together to get good things done for our neighborhoods and families:



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