The Senate Ethics Committee is designed to educate members concerning the provisions concerning legislators and may consider conflicts between public duty and private interest.  Representative MacDonald is the vice chair of this committee.


The Senate Judiciary Committee is one of the most predominant committees in the Montana Legislature.  It considers all proposed legislation that has to do with any legal service or action civil and criminal justice law, constitutional law, human rights, our correctional system.  It also  includes the courts, court issues and other legal matters.


The Senate Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation Committee is one of the most influential committees in the Montana Legislature.  This committee deals with all issues that have to do with anything that affects one of Montana’s largest industries, agriculture.  This includes matters like, farms and ranches, rural roadways, weed control, crops and animals.

Local Government

The Senate Local Government Committee works on a wide range of legislation that affects our counties, cities, and smaller special districts that deal with fire, subdivisions, roads, rural improvements, and so on.

Back Home in Billings!

We are citizen lawmakers in Montana which means that I am home in Billings, for the most part, except for periodic interim committee meetings in Helena. You can call me at 652-6625 and leave a message. I like to hear how laws that we pass make a difference or impact you. I also like to hear your ideas on how to make our communities stronger and better. I will be attending community meetings and events to keep my ear to the ground for the needs of our neighborhoods and city. Please come up and say "Hello" when you see me around town.


Bringing people together to get good things done for our neighborhoods and families: