Legislative work

2017 Update:

  • SB 56 extended the Prescription Drug Registry to allow improvements and continued use to prevent the growing epidemic and loss of Montana lives to prescription opioids. This registry helps health professionals ensure that much-needed pain medicine is not being diverted into the black market or abused. SB 56 was signed by Governor Bullock and is now law.
  • SB 45 expanded Treatment Courts. It has passed both houses and awaits signature by the Governor. Treatment courts help offenders get their lives back on track when the offense is the result of addiction or mental health problems, while remaining in the community and successfully paying fines and restitution to victims. It also ensures that the offender does not fall into a cycle of repeated offenses, because the court addresses the underlying addiction.
  • Montana will now place Juneteenth on its calendar on the third Saturday in June. This important date marks the celebration of the Emancipation Proclamation and occurred in Galveston, Texas, on June 19, 1865, when Major General Gordon Granger arrived in the harbor with the news that the Civil War was ended and that the slaves were now free men and women. It sparked a community celebration that lived on – until today when it is now on the calendar of 46 states – Montana being the 46th! We look forward to Governor Bullock signing this legislation in Billings sometime soon.

2015 Achievements:

  • Expanded access to affordable health care for 70,000 Montanans
  • Lead sponsor of a bill that reformed executive clemency
  • Expanded community based mental health services.
  • Fishing licenses for critically injured first responders
  • Preserved public lands to provide opportunities for Montanans to fish, hunt and recreate
  • Montana ranked best in nation for keeping college affordable!
  • Montana ranked number one in the nation for tax fairness!
  • Passed bill to increase the availability of DNA evidence

Back Home in Billings!

We are citizen lawmakers in Montana which means that I am home in Billings, for the most part, except for periodic interim committee meetings in Helena. You can call me at 652-6625 and leave a message. I like to hear how laws that we pass make a difference or impact you. I also like to hear your ideas on how to make our communities stronger and better. I will be attending community meetings and events to keep my ear to the ground for the needs of our neighborhoods and city. Please come up and say "Hello" when you see me around town.


Bringing people together to get good things done for our neighborhoods and families: