Biofuels Bills Promote Montana’s Energy Independence

February 12, 2009

Representative Margaret MacDonald (D – Billings) is bringing change to the bio-fuel industry for small business’ and industry throughout Montana. In a press conference on Monday, MacDonald described hurtles that small farmers face when trying to process and use their own biodiesel. These bills “will make it possible for farmers and ranchers to form small business ventures and cooperatives” and thrive in Montana she said.

camelinaIn an effort to promote local sustainable use of our resources HB 415 will remove hurtles in the law, both legal and financial that discourage micro-processing of biodiesel. Sending a strong signal to all farmers throughout the state, biodiesel processing “could be done in virtually every county in the state” Rep. MacDonald said.

HB 416 would exempt certain biodiesel produced from waste vegetable oil feedstock from the special fuel tax. This would benefit many farmers throughout the state by allowing them to produce their own biodiesel fuel for a potentially cheaper cost then what they are currently paying at the pump. Many farmers in Montana already grow one or more of the “bio-fuel” crops and both bills will help farmers and ranchers throughout the state to become more energy independent. Rep. MacDonald also noted that these bills will promote “good rotation of crops for our wheat producers.”

In the times of an unstable economy and rising fuel costs, these bills help to promote Montana’s energy independence and present a “strong economic package for rural Montana” Rep. MacDonald said.


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