Dear Friends and Supporters in HD 54,

The 62nd session of the Montana Legislature is well underway. This session is presenting many challenges and difficult issues; however, I am working hard to represent the people of Billings and HD 54 everyday. I have been presented with the wonderful opportunity to serve as House Minority Whip, enabling me to further help Montana. I am so thankful for the opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of Montanans!

At your door!

I am enjoying visiting with you as I go door to door through the neighborhoods of House District 54. People want their leaders to work to develop good-paying jobs with benefits across the state. They want us to be fiscally responsible by living within our means and setting money aside for the future. They want us to make Montana a leader in America’s clean and renewable energy future. They want us to ensure a quality and accountable system of education at all levels that protects homeowners and small businesses from increases in burdensome property taxes.


Bringing people together to get good things done for our neighborhoods and families:



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